Sometimes I think about how much of a natural born leader Anna is.

Like the way she effortlessly took control after Elsa ran away at the Coronation Ball. “Bring me my horse! Please,” she demands firmly but evenly, “I leave Prince Hans in charge.” Without even knowing it, she’s confident and slides into her role.

She’s brave and courageous and most importantly in a crisis, she keeps an even head. When the wolves attack she just instinctively reacts to the situation, thinks on her feet, and saves them.

When it matters the most, Anna just knows what to do, its instinctual.

It’s only when she has time to think that she gets nervous and second-guesses herself and I just love her to pieces. She can be every bit as regal and poised as Elsa if need be, but she’s also got the raw temperament and instinct for how to deal with people and the environment around her in times of emergency.

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    This entire thread is flawless. Something always struck me about the way Anna declared, “I leave Prince Hans in charge”,...
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    YES, ^. Also.. uh.. ‘the man of the family?’ A WOMAN can rule, thank you very much.
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    Oh I totally think they’re going to co-rule also. I think, this is in part what Elsa was hinting at in the end when she...